He is happy when he is relaxed under a tree with sunbeams coming through the leaves. He wants to bring that feeling into his portraits.
When he was in college, Hachi travelled all around Japan on his bike, while drawing portraits of people he met during his travels.
Through painting, he wants to deliver healing that makes people feel relieved and soft.

L size / 4 persons US $580.00
M size / 2 persons US $365.00
M size / 1 person US $315.00


  • *Select the number of people and options on the next page.
  • *Please check the following pages for sizes, specifications, and prices before purchasing.


Pleasant Portrait

Hachi will draw you in a pleasant environment as if you are wrapped in natural light.

Beautiful Bleeding Technique

A beautiful piece of work that makes use of the blurring of transparent watercolors.

Check 4 headings

  • All our portraits are art works. The artists will draw hair / skin / eyes with the color in the style of the artist by referring to the photographs provided. Please make sure you understand the artist style before ordering.
  • The artist Hachi will only draw her portraits in the composition with the face as the main motif.
  • Since the artist Hachi does not use black art materials, black is instead expressed in other colors with similar tones (dark brown, navy, etc.).
  • Please choose a background color from the following four patterns: [Green base][Blue base][Pink base][None]
  • Green base

  • Blue base

  • Pink base

  • None

Price list of Hachi’s Nigaoe

$ = USD


  • *Select the number of people and options on the next page.
  • *Please check the following pages for sizes, specifications, and prices before purchasing.

Panel size

  • S
    For 1 to 2 persons
  • M
    For 1 to 4 persons
  • L
    For 2 to 10 persons
  • *1 The portraits are drawn on 0.7inch thick panels with stretching watercolor paper. Please note that the panels are thick and cannot be set on commercially available poster frames.
  • *2 The artists Nokami, Anco, Rutsu, Guriko and Nagisa can exclusively draw different numbers of people on 1 panel. They can draw up to 5 people in size S, up to 10 people in size M and up to 15 people in size L.


We can provide our original frames and easels that enable you to treasure the portraits with care for a long time.


We recommend that you place the portrait in the frame in order to adorn the work carefully for a long time.
You can choose from brown, white and natural.


By placing the portrait on the easel, you can easily move your portrait to anywhere you like.

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About Photos You Choose to Send Us

  • Please send the images in JPEG format.
  • The photos should be less than 2MB per email. If you are not able to send them all at once, please send them separately.
  • Please send multiple photos (4-5 photos) per person.

Best Examples of Photos

  • Facing forward smiling at the camera

  • Separate photos are also accepted

Examples of Bad Photos

  • Angled

  • Too close

  • Out of focus

  • Blending in with the background

  • Too far,
    photos with inapplicable people

  • The artists will not be able to draw from filtered photos (whitening effect, black and white) or photos with the face blown out with flash or with a part of the face exaggerated by photo apps.
  • The face may be flipped due to the shooting method. Please send photos with the correct orientation.
  • In the case that the suitable photos are not available (in the event of secret gifts etc..), please contact us for assistance.


  • *Select the number of people and options on the next page.