How to Order Nigaoe

Here’s your step by step guide to ordering the perfect portrait.

1. Choose an Artist

Choose from a variety of WORLD1 artists that suit you.

2. Select the Size, Number of People, With or Without Frames, and Add to the Cart

Choose your desired size, the number of people you want in your custom portrait, with or without the frame and easels, and place them in your cart.

*1 Prices may vary depending on the artist.

*2 The detailed items to choose may vary depending on the artist.

3. Order

Enter your information and complete your order.

* Please contact us if you do not receive the email within 3 business days after ordering.

* If you have registered your g-mail address, you may receive an email from us in your promotions folder.

* Orders are only available in the United States. We currently do not ship to countries other than the United States.

- Payment method available:VISA , Master , JCB , American Express , Shop pay , Apple pay , Google pay

- Number of payments:One-time payment only

- We will finalize the payment at the time of receiving your order.

  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Shop Pay
  • Visa

4. Fill Out the Detailed Form

The URL of the detailed entry form will be provided in the email sent after we have confirmed your order.

* Please contact us if you do not receive the email within 3 business days after ordering.

[Input Details]
The details to be included in the portrait. (characteristics, character of the person to draw, other requests, etc.)

5. Send Photos

Please send photos of what we will draw in the portrait to the email address provided in the detailed entry form email.

* If we do not receive photos within one week after your order has been confirmed, your order may be cancelled.
Regarding photos, please make sure you check the details on the page of the artist of your choice.

6. Confirmation of the Approximate Portrait Completion Date

After checking and confirming the contents of your order and photos, we will start production and inform you of the scheduled completion date.

* Cancellations and content changes will not be accepted once production has started.

7. Start Production

We will create custom portraits from the photos provided.

8. Inspect Portrait

We will request you to inspect the draft portrait in an image file we send you before delivery. (up to 2 times)

*1 The longer it takes for you to check, the more the shipping date will be delayed.

*2 We will not accept any further changes to the details from this point onwards.

9. Confirm Shipping Date

We will confirm the shipping date.

* We are confirming the shipping date, not the delivery date.

10. Shipping

We will ship using the carrier of our contract.
It may take about one week to one month from shipping to delivery.

* Tracking numbers will be issued. Please check your own shipping status.

Standard time from ordering to shipping portraits : About 2 weeks to 1 month
※May vary depending on the time of year.