Our custom portraits are drawn one by one by the artist.

In the same way, the frame that carefully holds the portrait is made one by one by the hands of our craftsmen.

Each piece of wood has different characteristics and will keep changing depending on the season and environment. Instead of rejecting, if you choose to understand and make use of this change, we can incorporate the original form and charm of the wood without erasing it into our work.

It is not possible for us to create exactly the same piece of work twice. However, each one will have individual characteristics that will grow into a unique piece of art.

The portrait artists can confidently and safely deliver their work to the customer because the craftsmen who make the frame put the same amount of care in their work.
We hope that the warmth of our artist’s hands can be appreciated by the customer.



80% of our customers have ordered our work with this popular product.
The portraits are drawn on a canvas that is fixed by hand to a frame, and drawn with the artists’ choice of tools and materials. As a result, touching the surface or physical damage may cause scratches, distortion, or will become dusty etc. We, at WORLD1 recommend that you place your portrait in the frame so that you can treasure your purchase for all the time to come. The frames are made by craftsmen in Awaji Island.

color: White, Brown, Natural

$ = USD
  • - The thickness is 1.5”.
  • - You may hang it on the wall by attaching a string to the back.
  • - The WORLD1 logo is on the back.
  • - Covered with transparent acrylic board for protection.
  • - Please note that the portrait panel has a thickness of 0.7”, therefore, it will not fit on commercially available poster frames.



Easels are very useful for those who cannot hang their portraits on the wall or for those who want to move it by situation. They are made by craftsmen in Nagano, Japan.

color: Brown

$ = USD
  • - It will match each size of the portrait.
  • - The stand to place the portrait is removable.
  • - The height cannot be adjusted.
  • - The color comes only in brown.