About the Custom Portraits

The artist will draw from the photos provided. If you have any requirements, please fill out the details form or let us know when
you send us photos.

Portraits are available in three sizes.
- S: (86.6”×107.4”×0.7”)
- M: (125.1”×161.4”×0.7”)
- L: (179.1”×208.6”×0.7”)
For details, Please check details on each artist’s page.

Only the artist nokami can draw with the specified background.
For more information, please click here.

We will send you an image before shipment after completion. We accept corrections only once on the face.

No. Celebrities and characters cannot be drawn because of portrait rights and copyrights issues. Additionally, even if you have a consent form with the company's signature of the person, the person’s office or of the copyright holder, we are still not able to draw them. Furthermore, if we, the company, were not aware of the celebrity or character and accept the order, we do not take responsibility for the repression thereafter. We must ask the customer to address the issue themselves. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

About Price and Payments

The price varies depending on [Size of the panel and the number of people to draw] and [portrait artist]. For more information, Please check details on each artist’s page.

Yes, we consider pets to be part of the family, and we charge a fee for each pet and draw them.

We do not charge shipping fees separately. It is included in the product price. However, separate duties may be charged at the time of delivery.

When importing portrait works into the United States, customs duties are generally not imposed, however, there is a possibility as it will be subject to the judgment of the customs representative. These charges are usually collected when the carrier picks up the goods. For more information, please contact your local customs office.

Payment methods are as follows. (VISA/MasterCard/American Express/JCB/Shop Pay/Apple Pay/Google Pay)

No. We accept only one-time payment.

About the correspondences after the order

In the case of mobile email, please allow @world1.jp domain designation permission. We do not accept communications via SMS. In the case of PC emails, please check the spam folder for our emails and register them as safe emails if it arrives.
* If all above items are correctly set up, please contact us as there is a possibility of your address being set up incorrectly.

No. Please contact us by email.

Yes, the domain varies depending on the site, email address, and detailed entry form. The domains are as follows: [Website domain: world1nigaoe.com / email address domain: @world1.jp / Detailed Input Form: worldone.to]

About Photos

Please send photos by e-mail to the photo sending e-mail address provided in the Contact email on the "Detailed Entry Form" sent after the order is completed. Please check details on each artist’s page.

Yes. There is no problem sending individual photos. However, please send as many photos as possible. For photos, Please check details on each artist’s page.

Please contact us. We will check and discuss with artists and will reply to you.

All photos received have been deleted once completed portraits have been shipped.

About the Delivery Date and the Shipment

For international shipping, it is difficult to tell the delivery date, and we will provide you with the expected shipping date. It depends on the artist and the order situation, but we will ship within about one month after confirmation of photos and contents is completed. Once the customer inspects and confirms the portrait, we will inform you of the exact shipping date.

No, the delivery date and time cannot be specified.

Yes, there is a shipping column on the order form. Please specify the delivery address there. However, it cannot be delivered anywhere other than the United States.

We will send it to you by FedEX.

We will send you a tracking number at the time of shipment. Please contact the carrier.

No, we do not accept changes to the delivery address after shipment.

No, it is only available in the United States.

Cancellations and Returns

You can cancel before productions start. Please be sure to contact us by email. Cancellations after production starts are not accepted.

Except in the case of our obvious mistake, we do not accept returns after the portrait is delivered.

About Optional Products

It is possible to stand the portrait without a frame because it is thick. However, since it is vulnerable to scratches and dust, it is recommended that you place your portrait in the frame and protect it so that you can appreciate the portrait for longer.
*Please click here for frame page.

No, we are unable to take additional orders for optional products only.

They should fit on oil paint frames and easels commercially available. As portraits are 0.7inch thick, please contact your local art material stores for advice. *World1 also offer the right size frames for portraits.
For more information, please click here.


No, we do not give portrait image files to customers.

Please contact us using the inquiry form. Click here for inquiries.